FAQs About Our Dog Wash Facility

Choose Our Self-Serve Dog Wash Services

Muddy Paws DIY Dog Wash Inc is a preferred choice for do-it-yourself dog wash services. We provide a large and clean environment with a wide range of accessories such as adjustable tables, high-powered air dryers, and special washing systems. 

Our low prices and great offers further make us an ideal choice for all dog owners. You can call us for FREE consultations to benefit from our same-day services.
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Critical Questions About Our Self-Wash Dog Washing Services

I’ve never been to a dog wash before. Can someone help me?  
     We will guide you through the process your first time in, and offer suggestions about shampoo, brushes, etc. Keep in mind we are dog owners, but not professional groomers.

What do I need to bring? Can I bring my own supplies if I prefer?  
     We provide shampoo, conditioner, ear cleaner, towels, use of blow dryers, and a variety of brushes and other supplies, but you are always welcome to bring your own supplies.
What if my dogs has fleas, or really bad skin problems?
     We offer oatmeal shampoo, a hypoallergenic shampoo, an all natural flea shampoo, and a medicated shampoo for significant skin irritations. If you have a prescribed shampoo from your veterinarian, bring it along. 

What is the “family room”?
     This is literally a fenced area that contains a wash tub and wash system, and a drying table and dryer, so those of you with two or more dogs can bring everyone in at once.

Do I need an appointment?  
     No, we operate on a walk-in basis only for bathing and nail trims.

Why do you close at lunch time? Does that include weekends too?
     During the week we close from 12:30 to 2pm to head home and attend to our furry pack. We do NOT take that break on weekends.

Is there a weight or size limit to using your facility?
     Our tubs and tables are designed to lift up to 200#, and can support above that when not raised from the lowest position. We welcome your gentle giants!

Do you have any breed restrictions?
     Absolutely not!

I usually take my dog to a groomer. Why would I bring them to a self service shop?
     Self-service washing will save you money by extending the time in between grooming visits, so you don’t have to go as often. We also now offer “a la cart” grooming services as well, to address spot grooming rather than full grooming sessions.

Can my kids come with me? Is there an age limit for kids to bathe the dog themselves?
     Kids are welcome and we ask that they stay with you at all times, or stay seated in our lobby for their own safety. If your kids are responsible enough to bring your dog in and bathe him/her independently, without adult supervision, then they are more than welcome to do so.

Are you open on holidays?
 We close for all major holidays and a few others, like Mother’s and Father’s Days. Please check our phone message or Facebook page (MuddyPaws DogWash) for the latest on holidays.

Bring 3 dogs and receive
50% OFF on one bath.

Bring 4 dogs and receive
a FREE bath.
“I love this place. The girls are super sweet and glad to help you out. I love my dog and love to spoil her and they help me do that.”

- Rik G
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